Is the Internal Revenue Service Holding Your 2013 Federal Tax Refund?

A family member of mine filed their 2013 Federal Tax Return on January 25, 2013.  This was a standard 1040 A filed electronically through

This was a simple straightforward standard deduction return for the adjusted gross income of around $15,000.00.

On February 4, 2013, a 60 day letter was sent to my relative that states the following…

“Dear Tax Payer:

We have received your income tax return and are in the process of conducting a thorough review of your return information.  This review is part of an ongoing program the IRS conducts to ensure the accuracy of return information.

Your return was selected because we are reviewing one or more of the following:

– Income you reported on your return  (amount reported matches w-2 exactly)

– Income tax withholding amounts you reported on your return (amount reported matches w-2 exactly)

– Claims for tax credits you made on your return  (no claims made)

– Business Income you reported on your return (no business income, this does not apply)

Generally, the IRS will deal directly with you or your duly authorized representative.  However, we sometimes talk with other persons if we need to verify information we have received.  If we do contact other persons, we will generally need to tell them limited information, such as your name.  The law prohibits us from disclosing any more information than is necessary to obtain or verify the information we are seeking.  Our need to contact other persons may continue as long as we are reviewing your return.  If we do contact other persons, you have a right to request a list of those contacted.

You are not required to do anything at this time.  If you have not received your refund or been contacted by us within 60 days from the date of this letter, you may call us at the number provided above.  1-800-829-1040 (automated #)

……. continues with information about Tax Advocate Service Assistance 1-877-777-4778″

After waiting the 60 days…  a phone call to the automated number tells us that the return is still in process.  A phone call to TAS Assistance refers us to the automated number and the automated ” Where’s My Refund?”

I have heard from other sources that there are many people that have received this 60 day letter.  This is the first time I have heard of this happening…  I researched online and I see instances where this happened last year as well.

Anxious To Get Your Tax Refund? IRS Says ‘Go Get Another Job’

I am writing to publicly make this known to those who aren’t aware.  I believe that the IRS is intentionally holding “selected” individuals 2013 federal income tax refunds.  If anyone knows of anything that can be done about this please comment below.


Justine Case

AKA Veracity4truth


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119 thoughts on “Is the Internal Revenue Service Holding Your 2013 Federal Tax Refund?

  1. I filed electronically thru h&r block on March 18th. The rep told me it should take about 14 days. I have no education credit, just head of household and eitc.
    2 weeks in I called the irs just to make sure it was really processing. It wasn’t. I was told to call a number to verify my identity. I did that but for some reason, I still don’t have a dd! It is April, 11th! They are saying that my name doesn’t match the name on file with the Social Security Administration!! So I went to the SSA office and she printed it off that I am me. Then I took that to my local IRS office and they said that it is not showing up as updated in the SSA system?! (I changed my name early last fall to my married name thru the SSA). I even reverified myself thru the local office after doing it over the phone. The local rep faxed it in and it should be ok, right!? What the heck am I supposed to do now? It is past the 21 days and now the IRS says I have 7 more weeks if there are no more problems. Are they crazy? I need my money just like everyone else!! Am I a target because of the eitc??

    • I don’t think it is because of the EITC. My relative did not qualify for that credit and he has been “selected” as well for this so called review. To me, my opinion is… that this is all a dog and pony show and a big huge run around because they don’t have the funds to refund folks all at once. I suspect that they are waiting for funds to come rolling in (from those that owe taxes) after the April 15th deadline. I am so sorry that people are experiencing this delay. I know how it is affecting us. Hopefully, these refunds will be sent out soon! If I see anything else I will update in the comments area… Thank you!

      • I’m in the same boat. I am over 55, in between jobs, I go to school online since 2010, this is the first year I get part of the tuition back. The lady was nice who I spoke to 2 weeks ago she said my return is being held it is in review, she said I should have gotten a letter but of course I never did. She says that it can take between 45- 60 days.This is now week 6 about 36 days, but I do know that they will send them out within 45 days because after 45 days they have to pay us interest and I am sure they don’t want to do that. In the meantime we have to sweat and wait while the IRS holds us hostage and we have past due bills, the IRS is a joke! Stay strong everyone!

      • i filed my taxes with h & r block. i could do them myself, they’re simple, but h & r guarantees refund in 7-10 days. i only get a disability check, no deductions or tax credits. very simple. after allmost 2 months of filing, i finally found out the irs is holding my taxes ‘for review’ and if all ‘goes well’ i will get my refund in 11 weeks.

        bullcrap! i desperately need MY money. I won’t have enough for my medicine or bills-i relied on my refund being returned quickly.

        i contacted my local congressman and hopefully he can speed things up.

        i truly believe they hold your money so they can get more interest. they’re thieves. I’m so frustrated!!!!

      • i havent received mine,i called last week and they told me i will get my refund this monday,,bullshit i called today 3/11/2014 and now they say they need extra information about my case i dont have my refund and i need to wait for their decission fucking irs

      • You are not alone cos my Refund is being “held” too and in the meantime most of my bills are not paid and I am in between jobs. If I did not have good friends or family to turn to for a little help I would be in a far worst position. Tough times ever since 2014 started and trying to stay positive even when everything seems hopeless. The sunshine and clear days really helping me with my Depression. Hoping and praying that the IRS stop holding poor peoples’ money Hostage and to do all this crap to people who have more than enough money that they know what to do with. Leave us people who work until our backs hurt and our hands bleed alone! We work even though the pay we get is just enough to make ends meet.

      • I filed a paper return and am still awaiting my refund as well. so I don’t think paper vs electronic is the answer. I did take one of the education credits though. I wonder if that’s it. It’s August! This is ridiculous!

    • I filed my income taxes on February 18 th 2013 and as of Today June, 27th 2013 I still do NOT HAVE MY REFUND!!!!!!!! I have spoken repeatedly with the IRS and gotten the run around each time I also was told that it may be September before I receive my return which is absurd also I am sure they will try to beat me out of the interest they owe me rightfully at 3% each day. It is a shame that the IRS isn’t governed and are allowed to do whatever they wish to taxpayers. I will no longer claim only myself throughout the year picking up my other dependents at the end of the year because honestly America there is no guarantee you will ever see a dime of that money again. The safest way to assure you get and have enough money through the year is to claim your dependents and do not put faith in a failing government system.

      • I submitted my Tax Return in early March. It is now nearing mid-July and have not received my refund nor a correspondence on the status of my return. I support your claim that it might be best to claim more during the year since there’s no guarantee of ever receiving a refund.

      • What number did you call? As of today – 9/19/2013 – I have not received my tax refund and I filed 2/4/13. Is there a phone number to get a live person? I am so sick of the automated nightmare and have walked every ‘option’.

      • FYI – I did file a paper return on 2/4/13…. so I’m not sure what the hold up is, and I can’t get a live person to even begin the process.

      • i am with you good coment they are liers we the hardworkers are always chiet while they have a ggod salary and are playing with our money sorry my bad english but i think you understood me

      • I agree with you 100%! There are definitely people in high positions who are helping themselves at the Taxpayers expense.

      • You are right! The IRS needs to governed because they are causing hard working people undue hardship!! The Gas prices do not help either and I can empathize with everyone who has not received their tax refunds either. Half of my money goes to filling the Tank, some to Rent, and the rest is on Hold for now while my credit score is plunging.

      • Irs is synonim of steal.abuse.and many other names i.m a poor hardworker guy like many of us what a mother fuckers irs staff

    • i have a serious problem with the fucking irs i did it in january i was worry about it so i called them last week some guy told me dont worry your case its been procesed you will get your refund next week,,bullshit i called today 3/11/2014 and they told me my refund its hold it because they have to check my case through a letter that they supuestly sent me i never received this letter,they say they need extra information a bout me fucking liers

  2. Hello,
    I filed my 1040EZ on February 2nd. I e-filed my return online with the IRS with their fill in form. I have no deductions for school and no dependents. The form was received and accepted the same day. And the message said I should receive my return within 21 days. I checked it weekly, there was no change. I tried to call and get to talk to a live person to no avail. I went to the local IRS office on March 25th. Stayed in line for over an hour due to the number of people there waiting and due to the fact that there were 4 people in the office but only one was actually working with individuals. The lady that dealt with me was pleasant and I really thought something was going to be done. She saw that my return was stuck in an error recovery folder in the system, but didn’t see anything wrong with my return. There were no letters sent to me for any mistakes done on my part. It was a simple 1040EZ return. She said I would receive an email probably within 2 weeks but maybe up to 30 days. I heard nothing. I finally figured out how to get a live person to speak with on the phone. Spoke to 5 more people and still they have not resolved the “Stuck in the system error”. They told me on May 10th to try to e-file again, that it was deleted from the system. But if that doesn’t work I have to send a paper copy of my return to the IRS and i will receive my refund in 6 to 8 weeks. Well, the e-file didn’t work says it failed due to it already being filed with the same social security number. So now I have to send a paper copy and wait 6 to 8 more weeks. I told the IRS, they need to get their IT department to fix their “System Issue” and send me my refund. I found a couple of forums where other people who have e-filed their returns in January and February still haven’t received their returns either. And they are getting yanked around the same way I am. I’m not desperate for the money, because I do pay my bills and keep my finances pretty budgeted. But I still want my refund, it is my money that the IRS is keeping for their own use. Totally unfair to hard working people. I’m starting to wonder if there is a class action lawsuit against the IRS yet.
    Thanks for listening

    • I am sorry I have been away from the blog and just now read your comment. I am sure you have heard of the IRS scandal that is just now this week coming to light. What the mainstream media neglects to broadcast is that this is happening on a much larger scale. This involves more people than just the ones on the tea party or conservative lists that they have. I suspect that anyone who has spoken out at all against the federal government are the ones who haven’t received their refunds. This is just my opinion on the matter. I’ve heard from my relative that the IRS must send out the refunds by the end of May or they will have to start paying out interest… I do not have any source for that at the moment but if I get one I will post it here.

      Believe me, I completely understand. This is totally not fair and this further proves and validates those who have spoken out against the federal government. Please keep us up to date if you hear of anything else and we will do the same.


      • Yup that is true. After 45 days they have to send out refunds or else by law they have to pay us interest, and of course we all know that they don’t want to do that.

    • If there is a class action suit against them, I definitely want in on it because I have not heard back from IRS regarding my 2013 Refund and every time I call to ask what happen, I get different reasons why I did not receive my Refund. One IRS agent spoke to me in a loud voice trying to shut me up when she implied that I am not who I said I am in regards to MY information. Later she said I am a victim of Identity theft so I quickly filled out the appropriate complaint form, mailed it, faxed it with my Identifying info the same day. That was almost 2 months ago and was told by her that it would take up to 6 months for the Identity Theft Investigation to be complete!!! Meanwhile, I am behind on several Bills!
      I can no longer have the joy of anticipating my Refund when I really need it, like I did years ago. this is the worst thing I am experiencing during a tough time. I hope all of us on this site will be Blessed with resolutions to our Tax woes ASAP!

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  4. I have been waiting since the first week of February for my tax refund and still nothing. I get the same run around everyone else posting here has gotten. Any chance it’s because I’m conservative, post on blogs, including a few of the organizations the IRS had been abusing? I sure hope not…

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  6. I have been going thru the same issue! I have just a simply return- no dependents- no education- yet all I get is that its in process- I get no where when I call the IRS- does anybody have any help-

    • sadly no, there has been no word. The IRS page to check refunds was even down due to “maintenance.” They are stalling for time. My opinion is they have run out of money. We can only wait and see what happens. I have been on the look out for a class action suit but I haven’t come across anything yet. Thanks!!

      • I received the 5071c form, and went immediately to the IRS. I gave them the information they needed, which took about 10 minutes, but 5 to 6 hors waiting. No biggie…i did what was needed. The agent, informed me i would receive my refund in 30 business days or a letter would be sent out. Well it’s been over 60 business days, no letter, and the website is still showing….PROCESSING. It’s virtually impossible to talk to anybody live. I need/want some answers.

    • well here we are in the end of October and I still have not received mine abnd getting any one that’s not nasty to you on the phone is out of the question ive had several curse me and hang up

  7. I have a similar situation. I have called and get a different story every time. I have been into the Irs office three times, it is an hr away from me. Now I’m told that my return was deleted but I.have to wait 30 days to see if it can be undeleted. My return was simple and pretty much the same as it has been for the last 10 years. I’m beyond angry. It’s been 6 months since I filed. What can we do?

    • I do not know. This is a very bad situation for all. They are giving people the run around either because:

      1. They are out of money.
      2. They are targeting us for political reasons.

      From what I am gathering the poo is about to hit the fan. We may never get our money back.

      Thank you for commenting. I understand completely how you feel.

  8. I e-filed on January 31st and, after waiting the whole 21 days with no refund, finally got a letter stating that they couldn’t process my return until they “verified my identity”. I had to call a special number and provide the IRS with all sorts of info off the prior year’s tax return, then they said, okay, NOW it could be processed. They quoted a 4-6 week waiting period. I called back, and they said, “Oops! The person who did that didn’t put it through correctly, but NOW it is fixed.” That was March 4, 2013. So going out 6 weeks from there, still no refund. I called back in May and was told, “Oh, it just left our processing department on May 4th, so it’s about 9 weeks after that until you get your refund.” Here it is, middle of June. I called just to make sure things were still on track, and guess what I was told? They DELETED my tax return – the IRS deleted my return, on their end, and told me since you can e-file once a tax year, now I have to mail in my return and wait for them to process it all over again. Are you kidding me?!?!?

  9. Yes, I believe they are as well. And yes, its mid-June and I’m still waiting. I filed injured spouse, which does take an additional few weeks, back on March 23 via Turbo Tax. I have never waited this long, not for Inj spouse or even a paper check. Well, that time is up. It’s been up. I called last week, no info. I keep checking the website, some days it works and gives me the standard “we are processing your refund” message, other days it doesn’t work at all. Today I called again and finally got some answers. The worker said “Oh yes, I see you do have a refund” and “Yes, the time is up for holding that refund, all the limits have expired” and “I will get this refund issued, it should take about two weeks, but up to 30 days.” So yes, the IRS holds refunds.

    • I also filed injured spouse and submitted my Turbo Tax via mail March 7. It is July and have not received any correspondence whatsoever. The website indicates “in processing.” This has never happened to me in all my life as a tax paper. Perhaps I’m paying IRS too much during the year and need to reconsider amending my withholdings so that there is an even balance.

  10. I have a tax advocate working mines..filed/accepted by the irs 2/4/13 and today 6/24/13 i still do not have a refund. i don’t feel like the TA has been any help to me resolving the issue as I’ve had her assigned to my case since April 27th

    • We finally had to go down to the tax assistance local IRS office and wait to speak to someone. They found that the electronic file was stuck in a que they said. At the time it was filed, the w-2 hadn’t been sent in yet by the employer so they were waiting on it. However, something happened and it never got matched. At least that is their story, right? We never had this problem before.

      They pushed it through supposedly. We finally show that a refund is to be direct deposited by tomorrow. Go down there and and make them release your money!!! This is one of the worst displays of tyranny we have encountered. Thank you and may you get this resolved soon!

  11. NEWSFLASH – Incompetence reigns at the IRS. I filed my return electronically via TaxAct on January 23. That was 5 months (166 days) ago! After months of calling and being told:

    1. It was identity theft reviewed – wait time 60 days
    2. It wasn’t moved over to the correct office but has been now – wait time 3-6 weeks
    3. It never got sent for processing – wait time 6-9 weeks
    4. It was sent for processing – wait time 30 days
    5. We’re working on it – 90 days
    6. It will be deposited within 3 weeks
    7. A tax advocate suggested no need to file with their office because it’s NOW being processed
    8. A tax advocate tells me today that I have to refile because … DRUMROLL …


    REALLY? NO, REALLY? This is unimaginable to me and financially devastating. I live on food stamps and borrowed time and this is my socialist government working for me? I’m almost speechless by the level of incompetance and dishonesty taking place at the IRS. And NO oversight, no consequences.

    Does anyone know what I can do about this. I’ve searched the web but can’t find a info on complaining formally or how to file for interest on THEIR screwup.

    Perhaps it was my money they used for their party and now they are searching under the table and picking their pockets trying to pay it back.

    Any and all advice is appreciated.

    • I am truly sorry and believe me, I completely understand! We had to go down to the local TAC twice in person and then it was finally released recently. I hope you get this resolved very soon and thank you for letting the rest of the world know what is happening! Bless you….

    • over 12,000 us tax payers are awating refunds. irs is the bigest unorginized group. thay have made huge mistakes. sure signe of a failing gov. sad as it is there is nothing we can do we the people have lost are jobs and are homes i am scared all i see is fail fail fail. fire the irs and start over.

  12. I should have put this here sooner… facepalm! I knew about this but my family member didn’t have a clue… He does now!!

    Here is a video done by the late Aaron Russo. America: Freedom to Fascism – Full.
    Please watch!! Thanks!!

    Determined to find the law that requires American citizens to pay income tax, producer Aaron Russo (Bette Middler’s The Rose, Trading Places) set out on a journey to find the evidence. Neither left nor right-wing, this startling examination of government exposes the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America since 1913 when the Federal Reserve system was fraudulently created. Through interviews with two U.S. Congressmen, former IRS Commissioner and former IRS and FBI agents, tax attorneys and authors, Russo connects the dots between money creation, federal income tax, and the national identity card, which becomes law in May 2008 and will use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

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  14. I’ve been waiting since January 31, 2013. First stated should have refund by February 15, 2013. Got a letter under review should hear from us by June 30, 2013. Just received a letter stating still under review should hear from us by August 8, 2013. When am I getting my refund its been over 5 month.

    • If you haven’t already, please try to go to your local Internal Revenue Office in person. That’s what we had to do twice before it was released. I hope you get this resolved soon! Thank you!!

  15. I first for a letting saying that there were problems with my form and to call them to answer some questions. I called them and they asked for my social security number and my refound amount. They said I should revive my money in no less than 30 days at Tue end if those 30 days I recived a letter saying that my case was under investigation and that I will revive my refound in 60 days…that was April the 13. It is now July 27 and I still have not got my refund. Any advice-help anyone.

  16. I had my taxes e-filed by a local firm on 3/28/2013. On 5/13/2013 I received a notice from the IRS stating my tax return was being reviewed & refund being held for various reasons. One of the reasons was they were verifying the “Schedule C” form filed! This form was not even filed as my records indicate! WTF!!! IRS is a bunch of crooks! It is now 8/11/2013 & still nothing!

    • Randy, that’s their new excuse to my friend also. Got a taxpayer advocate who now wants proof of income. Sounds like an audit to me, but no such documentation from the IRS. She claimed that’s why it was held because they needed more info, but they NEVER asked for any info, never sent any letters saying it was incorrectly filed or missing anything. This is an outrage. I would encourage everyone on this site to knock on the door of their local congressman. It seems as though the IRS is just F&^%ing with people to cover their own errors/omissions and incompetence.

      Does anyone know about a rule wherein they have to pay you if they hold your refund for more than 45 days without cause? I read it somewhere but can’t find legitimate reference to it.

  17. The 2012 tax year was the first time I had ever filed Married Filing Jointly (married April of 2012). My husband owes child support, and we knew it would take up to 11 weeks to get my portion of the refund due to filing an Injured Spouse form. Now, almost 20 weeks later, and I still have heard absolutely NOTHING from the IRS.

    When I call check the status of my refund it states it has been received and is still being processed. I try to call the IRS hotline, and after picking the appropriate prompts it tells me my call can’t be handled now, and hangs up on me. I tried calling the local IRS offices only to get a message that they don’t deal with live phone calls at this time. I called our local Child Support office, and they told us they haven’t received my husbands portion of the taxes to go towards what he owes yet, and when I spoke to the accountant that did my taxes she told me I should have gotten my money a LONG time ago, and unfortunately they don’t have any way to help me either.

    Here I sit….20 weeks after filing…I have received NO money, my husbands support has NOT been paid…and I have not been able to communicate with the IRS at all, period. I feel as though I worked extremely hard all year long for money that they are now, for some reason, holding hostage. I have a family to take care of, bills to pay, and we had planned a vacation based on my large expected refund, which we had to miss due to all of this. I am frustrated, and feel like I have exhausted all of my options because there is no one left to call.

    If ANYONE knows how to help me, please feel free to email.

  18. There is no evidence that it is politically motivated. We are Democrats, and I’m a government employee, and we received the same letter.. (As the self-help gurus say, “It isn’t about you; it’s about them). It seems that they just don’t have, or don’t want to give up the money. It is now November 9, and we haven’t received ours. I wonder whether there is a common size range to the refunds? For example, refunds between $1,500 and $10,000 would be large enough to add up to serious money, but not worth hiring a lawyer to go after. Just a thought.

  19. My mother has just talked with me again about her tax return. She is an early filer and has told me that she still hasn’t received her return. I asked her about receiving a 60 day letter and hasn’t received anything. When she’s called in about the return she’s been told it wasn’t received or needs refiling, or review.
    I’ve been witness to the second call she made and heard three people tell her three separate answers (we were on speaker phone); this last time she was told to wait another 30 days and she should have it.
    I guess my question is: She’s retired and depends on the refund to help her. How long must she borrow money until she is paid?

  20. return was accepted July 8. when checking for my refund it said that Because I received letter I needed to contact irs (I never received a letter) so I contacted irs july 31 to find out what was going on. said I needed to call another number to verify identity of tax return. I did this and they re-submitted taxes and said it could take up to 6 weeks. sept 9th contacted the irs again and said it was a hardship that we were not receiving our refund and was told that my case would be turned over to a tax advocate. sept 11 i was contacted by tax and was informed that because our taxes were no longer electronic she needed an original signed copy of the 1040. I mailed that in on Friday sept 13th. she advised me that she would be taking our taxes to offices to be filed and that could take up to 4 weeks and that she would be in contact with me oct 30 if she hasn’t heard anything from irs about the refund coming. received call oct 29. because of govt shut down they have two more weeks and I should receive refund by nov 8 or 15. if not she will call me on the 20th. well guess what I still don’t have it. will see what she says nov 20. and then calling media :) I would say tax advocate helps. but I have not had that experience. I will update next week.

  21. Been 6 months IRS said there is a hold but they don’t know why said they would call back within 30 days. Never happened been 2 months can’t get any help from anyone

  22. i was behind filing my taxes I was told I need to contact irs I did they told to do my return and fax it to them I did this but now I am not getting a refund because they said after 9 months of waiting for my refund I am not eligible since I did not mail or efile it even though they ensured me that I should fax it into the irs..

  23. I am still waiting for my 2013 refund that I filed feb of last year. I was randomly selected for “identity fraud”. Can’t win the lotto but won this. No thank you. I have been doing my taxes with turbo tax the last three years. Anyone would be stupid to try to use my information. Credit is as good as the irs giving you your refund. SUCKS. They said I need to send proof of income, blah, blah, and they would contact me to let me know where to send my information. ITS BEEN OVER 5 MONTHS and no they never sent me a thing. I don’t know if I should file this year or am I wasting my time. I don’t make millions. I am a student with children trying to work and finish school. I don’t have time to be screwing around or want to be screwed with. If something was wrong with my taxes then why did they accept it and tell me they are processing my refund. Then they are so rude not to have a phone number to call. Call this number for this run you in circles and after on hold for hours your in the wrong department try this number. I am not a hamster to be spinning on a wheel. Just give me what I was suppose to get. Who regulates the irs? Who can direct me to someone who can help? Do they pay you in interest the longer they take? They make us pay them and hunt you forever till you do. Why do we get limited to three years? I feel stupid for doing my own taxes. I am not rich to be throwing money left and right. I contribute to society do what I am suppose to and can not get any help from the irs or turbotax.

  24. 10 months now and my retired mom still waiting on her tax return. Several calls to the IRS but know help. I’m sure if she owed money they would be all over her case. Never received any letter from IRS disputing her refund.

  25. Irs did same to me last year and again this year my tax acct states what was paid in was returned and my ss number has a credit of 4100 dated april 15 2014 last year it came through ive riled and claimed same credits every year but this second year i was selected fr review idk why they giving me such a hassel its same info same biological child i proved everything in 2013 its a delay tactic to adjust funds irs cant afford pay us back

  26. We are still waiting on our college daughters 2013 taxes as well. They sent us a letter last year and asked her to call. when she did they questioned her like she was a criminal! I’m guessing they aren’t happy with having to pay her the tuition tax credit! The IRS is the most corrupt business. If she had owed money you can guess they would have been harassing the kid for the money. I’m trying to get an advocate to help us. They definitely owe her the interest but I’m guessing they will have a lame reason why not to pay it!

  27. I am going through the same thing. I filed February 14 2013 using turbo tax. My taxes are so easy a child can do them. My state refund I received less than two weeks into my bank account. However my federal refund which is in the thousands has yet to be seen.
    I have received about 4 letters from the IRS the last sent this January stating they are sending it onto to another office. I called that 1 800 number only to be told their computers were down after he put me on hold twice.
    Lets just say…I want my bloody money with interest please. Lol I won’t hold my breath.
    I am in no hurry to do 2014 return because I doubt I will see that bug refund either. Ha

  28. Since June of last year, the IRS has delayed my rightful refund payment due to an issue that was resolved without controversy back in 2011. Even though precedence was already established, the IRS continues to hostage my refund without just cause.
    For the past eight months, I have received seven letters stating they would need an additional 45 days to seek information. And yesterday, February 26, 2014, I received another letter stating they would need another 90 days.
    Just imagine that… the IRS will have made eight months interest off of my refund by implementing calculated delay tactics at my expense. When you figure they’re doing this to hundreds of millions of people, you can begin to see the billions of dollars their extorting on a grand scale… and behind the scenes their crying to congress that they simply don’t have enough money to operate to the fullest of their ability.
    Could you imagine life without the IRS? It would be like living in Chicago, New York, and Sicily without the mafia.
    Just a suggestion to any of you you have experienced this ordeal. Make sure you never call them on the phone… I say this because you want to create a certified paper trail of evidence. All communication should be timely, without controversy, and in the form of writing. You’ll want to make sure that you mail all correspondence via USPS Certified or Registered return receipt mail. If it’s super important, Registered is best since your mail piece is held under lock and key. You’ll need to make sure that you keep excellent records and keep everything organized in the event that you may need to seek legal action.
    Good luck to all of you!
    P.S. If you want to eliminate the IRS, then let’s push for a flat 2% tax on all earnings that can never be increased over time, and disband the Federal Reserve system once and for all, which is neither federal nor reserve, but a private consortium made up of the wealthiest foreign families on earth. Let’s get rid all all the federal reserve notes, in other words, ‘debt notes’ and bring our monetary system back into line by backing up our currency with gold and silver. When we do this, we will also eliminate inflation. There’s more that could be said, but you have the idea.

  29. They holding mine too they said it could take up to 6 wks for me to get my refund from the date they send the letter the letter had feb24/2014 abd it was sent to me feb 12 or so idk what to do i need my money this just ridiculous..

  30. Filed 1 Feb 14. Called IRS and was told that my refund did not post. Huh? It will take 9 weeks to clear up. 2nd call to IRS and was told it will take 7 to 8 weeks. Was assured that I am not being targeted (yes I asked,) Never heard anything like this. Never had any problems EVER. What is going on here?

  31. I just received this letter. I only used the standard deduction via TurboTax. My state return was deposited in 12 days. I’m fairly certain that my return fit none of the 4 criteria they listed for placing it under review.

  32. On February 7, 2014 I filed my taxes along with my daughter’s. My daughter has received hers, but I still waited. Yesterday I received the same letter as the one mentioned above. I did not itemize, it was a 1040EZ form, because I am single and I only claim myself. When I talked to the IRS, he couldn’t even tell me why just that it was being reviewed, being reviewed with 1 W-2, I will have to say that I realize this is a busy time for them, but last year they singled out people, conservatives a/k/a Republicans and or Tea Party, yes once again it looks like the IRS is doing it again. Singling out certain people that have voiced their opinions or beliefs on Twitter, Facebook or any other internet site. Our Government has some serious issues that need to be resolved, if they have to hold money that doesn’t belong to them as hostage so you will get down on your knees & thank them for giving it back to you. At this point I do realize I will not receive my tax refund for over paying taxes to our Government. Just remember this – in the next election, yes that’s right, the next election, make your choice with this in mind, the Government is supposed to work for the people, not the people working for the Government. It’s sad that our Government seeks revenge on those who speak out. So in closing I would like to thank the IRS & the Federal Government for reconfirming what we the working class already knew, we do not matter to them.

    • It has nothing to do with political affiliation. I don’t know where people are getting that idea from. I’m a democrat, and I certainly haven’t posted anything negative about the administration online (I don’t participate in online political forums or get into political debates online anyway). My very basic and simple 1040EZ with only one W2 and no dependents was still chosen for review and my refund is being held captive. So please understand that there are plenty of us who aren’t republicans or conservatives who have to deal with this as well. I’m sure as hell not receiving any special treatment just because I’m a democrat. People need to stop viewing everything through partisan eyes and realize that the IRS has always had issues, regardless of which party is in power.

  33. Filed Feb 6th, Accepted Feb 6th, Return is Processing…..21 days go by, I call. They say a letter has been sent out on Feb 25. The letter finally arrives and states that my return was selected for review because 1 or more of the following items: (the typical 4 items listed). None of which are wrong of course.

    So my return was “selected for review” and that means its not a random deal or what? How can it be selected for review when nothing is wrong with the return? Give me my damn money.

    • For the last two years I have gotten a letter saying I didn’t file for 2008 so then I send in the proof I filed and my bank statement which clearly show my refund was electronically deposited. Then they said me a very similar letter, I still haven’t received last years refund so between both last and this years tax returns the irs is holding 13,567. I contacted a tax attorney showed him every thing , and basically got told when they do finally issue my refund they have to pay me interest the down side I will have claim that interst ad income, and pretty much when you receive a letter such as this, well your pretty much fucked

  34. Ditto on my return…1040EZ…W2 only. REALLY!!!! A review? I am not affiliated with any political party so if they are doing it for that reason, can’t figure it out but can’t think of my worse ways to waste time and tax payers dollars than reviewing an EZ return. That sound you hear is our country going down the drain.

    • Same here, Karen. I have a very simple 1040EZ with only one W2, no dependents, nothing fancy or complicated at all about my return. But it is being held for review. A simple one page 1040EZ. This is just ridiculous. They’re not even requesting any information from me, just saying that it’s being reviewed. What in the world?! And it’s not politically motivated at all. I’m actually a democrat, so if politics had anything to do with it the way some people claim, seems like democrats wouldn’t be having the same problems. People who think they’re being targeted because of their political party are just being paranoid. The IRS has always had issues regardless of the party in charge.

  35. I didn’t have no problem last year but mine has been held for 5 weeks now, I called them after 3 weeks and they told me they need to hold it for 2 more weeks well it’s been 5 weeks as of today, I have not received any letter from the irs stating they were gonna audit or nothing I had to call them to find out what’s going on. I think they picked me cause I had a 100,000 dollar lottery winning, they wouldn’t tell me exactly what they are doing, I feel I have the right to know, it’s been 5 weeks and I haven’t received any notifications that there is a problem or nothing I’m calling them Monday and they are not going to like me.

  36. Same here, Boyfriend filed Feb. 2013. Easy breezy, was supposed to get $2k back. All summer got that standard ‘we are holding your refund to review for blah blah blah.’ Then they told him he was a victim of identity theft. Now, this year, his refund is supposed to be $4k. Guess what, still no refund! The IRS owes him $6k plus interest and we have to move out of our house because of an estate mess with his sister. Taxpayer Advocates have been telling him ‘you should hear something within 30 days. We are working on it. If you don’t then call us back.’ Ha! It’s nearly impossible to get through! We live in Alaska so it’s not like we can just mosey on down to the “local” IRS office.So, 14 months later, 2 refunds filed easily and still no return?

  37. I filed my taxes by mail 4/15/2013,claiming eitc credit,I was sent a 8862 to claim credit,called IRS they told me to send duplicate of my taxes with it, I been told over all last year I would get refund,now I have tax advocate which I can’t ask questions,she hung up on me,well called the tax advocate helpline was told I’m out examination refund was posted march 10 2014,now refund is on hold again for review,I am just being ran around my 2014 taxes went right thru no problems on eitc credit, I’m just sick and tired of run around lies how long now,

  38. The IRS is corrupt and I believe they are profiling people to withhold their tax returns… I filed electronically February 7th… is March 16th….still no frigging return. I received State 3 weeks ago WTF

  39. I filed on january 31 got acepted then i got a tax topic 151 then a refrence 1242 is almost going for 2 months i havent received no letter or anything regarding my tax refund everytime i call they keep telling me diferent story regarding my refund now im really worried

  40. I received that letter this year on March 3rd 2014 holding my taxes. We make less than $100,000 a year and have to wait for a refund.

  41. I have filed mine on Jan 29, 2014 and my mom told me last month that a credit card company had sent the irs a 1099 I have received my state income tax but I have not received my federal yet what can they be taking so very long on mine I have no clue could anyone justify to why is it taking so long it is march 18, 2014 and i filed mine with it said it has been approved and sent to the irs but i am still waiting.

  42. I filed using TurboTax on jan27th, was accepted on Jan 29th. After 4 weeks had passed, I checked the status and it said “processing”. Called IRS and was told that it can be processing for up to 8 weeks. I work from home and claimed some home office deductions, thought that might be the delay, I asked and was told that it doesn’t show any reason as to why its processing still, was told to call back when the 8 week point has came and gone. March 29, made 8 weeks, checked TurboTax for the updated status, but it no longer said processing, in fact it really said nothing other than the congrats message informing that it was accepted and the amount. called the IRS, was told that my return was DELETED from the system, not by mistake, but on purpose because of the possibility of ID Theft! I asked why wasn’t I contacted BEFORE it was deleted, why didn’t anyone call or mail me and say it was red flagged and that my identity needs to be proven, or more info is needed?? She could not answer that. I was told that I will need begin the whole filing process again, from the beginning and this time file a paper return!! Yes, now causing me to have to wait ANOTHER 4-6 weeks!

  43. I recieved this same letter just today after I filed my taxes with turbotax and have been for years. I excepted to get my refund check today but instead I got this letter. I entered my w2’s correctly and I don’t know why this is happening but I hope it gets fixed soon and I get my refund that I supposed to get.

  44. I did my federal e-file on Feb 28th 2014, and logged into “where’s my refund” section of the RSI site and they didnt even KNOW I had submitted (??!?) so then I called the man who processed my taxes and he said it showed that they only “accepted” my tax return on April 18th? What the heck does that mean? That they can “sit on my return” for as long as they’d like and then “accpet” it 6 weeks later, and THEN process it, to delay paying me my return? That is RUDE!!

    • I agree however, may I add, Uncle Sam messed up and is now digging in struggling Americans pockets to rectify their wrongs. C’mon, why are they taking our Refunds and “holding” them when we are trying to survive these inflated cost of living prices on less than fair hourly pay?!

  45. I filed my simple return Feb 18 2014 was put in 60 day review. Aprilv24 it came out of review and the next day put right back in a 90 day review. For no phucking reason. This is a joke. The IRS lady said there is a date all refunds must be out but by law she couldn’t tell me the date. It is true after that date they must pay interest but its not after 45 days that’s for sure as I asked and they said not true.its only after their deadline date so I sit here screwed while everyone else is enjoying their return and well I’m just pissed off and the tax guy I talked to today said it could be sometime in July before I hear anything…,.sign me confused and pissed

  46. I am also waiting for my refund which I filed the first week of February and later was found out that I am a victim of Identity theft for a Previous year. I sent all required proof of my identity to IRS and it is now May and no word of where my Money is or when will I see it back!!!! They are messing with poor, struggling, and hard working people. Freaking Crook who stole my Identity, I hope they catch their ass and put them away. I am hoping for a ” good things come for those who wait” outcome.

  47. Where’s my refunds is telling me for 4 months: We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    Which number should I call IRS?

  48. Well irs sent me a letter telling me they will be checking my refund until may 15 may 15? is june 4 and i havent received any answer they are mother fuckers i just wait they send me my money some day fucking irs

  49. Filed on 1/22/14…it was excepted on 1/29/14……its now 6/25/14 and I still haven’t received my refund. Had to verify my income, faxed that in in 4/22/14 then got a letter saying they received my fax and I would get a response by 7/5/14. Filed the same way, simple return, no new life events…what is the deal?!? Why have I not received my refund?? When I talked to a live person after trying a million phone numbers, there was lots of confusion. Whats really going on?!?!

  50. i filed my return on or about on or about april 12th of 2014, it was excepted april 16th of 2014. i efiled thru turbo tax. on march 5th of 2014 i received a 5071c letter saying i have to call and verified my identity. i was told it would take up to 30 days so i waited patiently. 30 days came around and no refund so i called to check on my status. the irs agent told me that the identity verification was approved and the closed it and i was told that they were waiting on a postal date. i thought coo.. 30 more days and i called again and the irs told me it was still be process and didn’t no why the hold was not lifted so she filed a referral to lift the hold. she told me there were no errors on my taxes and said they should of lifted the hold and sent my refund by mailed within 3-6 weeks. i waited patiently still no refund so i called and check again this time i was told it would be deposited to my debit card within 30 more days since i efiled. prior to this phone i was told i was receiving a check by mail. my patients is now running out. a 2nd referral was sent to the processing dept. and i was told that i would be hearing from a advocate within 10 days to get my refund faster. i called the advocate # that the agent gave me since i didn’t received a phone call. the # they gave was for the identity verification dept. im confused now. i found the advocate # online and called myself and was informed that they are not aware of my situation.that the advocate only helps those who are in hardship and need there refund. hardship included eviction, bills, etc. i was told that a 2nd referral was noted and they have until july 13th to either deposit my refund or i will received another letter. as of yet no letter and my refund is still processing we are now in july 2nd of 2014. 11 more days until i can find out whats going on with my refund. this sucks cuz i need the money cuz i am a single father that filed 1099 self-employ and can’t find a job living in a very low income situations so my refund is what helps me survive.

  51. I have been having the same problem for my 2013 tax refund.
    Finally called a tax advocate.
    Hope the can help.
    Will let you know if they can resolve the issue.

  52. I called today because the last letter I received said I should have a response by July 5th. I learned today that the documents I faxed in back in April have not been gone over by a tax examiner yet. The IRS is currently working on the cases that came in during the month of March. They can’t move on to a new month until all the March cases have been closed!! So no telling when my case will be reviewed and when I will get my refund!!! Grr…. so irritated right now. I was told that the response dates on the letters are not correct and give people false hopes. Beyond mad….I worked hard for that money and it will be probably be time to file next years taxes before this is corrected!!!!

    • Fucking irs…they sent me a letter they will be checking my refund until may 15 today july 11 i havent received an answer..i fucking hate liers abusers…this is irs abusers liers

  53. I am experiencing the same issues after filing with H&R Block. No one can tell me anything that actually sounds truthful. This entire system is one HUGE joke. You work for taxes to be taken immediately, yet, a holding project approach is taken upon receipt of your return. I forget why I work dealing with such disorganization.

    • This goverment sucks….they take our taxes so fast and easy and they dont give it back just when they want what a abuse what a fuckness fucking irs fucking goverment

    • Well look. At my case….by luck for me i talked with a irs representant july she told me my refund will be ready in max 45 days..45 days? Bullshit today is september 18 and my money is i dont know where…this system sucks…liers..corruption …what can i say? Just wait wait wait..fucking irs …a whole fucking year geting money from us and now holding it..fucking abusers

  54. I filed feb/19/2014, i have spoken to 9 IRS agents and a manager and I have all their IDs and dates, and not ONE answer matches.

  55. September 5th… no refund yet. have a TAS advocate who calls me every two months to tell me that I’m in the same status… wich someone would tell me what to do.

    • Ohhh woww how good……a lie as always i am still waiting for my 2013 income tax…..what a abuse….i.m a fucking poor guy needing my money…..

  56. Well I just got off the phone about my Tax Return they just told me that my return was deleted due to it looked to be a fraud return. So they deleted mine and for 2008, 09, 2010 they just gave tax money to someone else in my name. This is my first time ever to file I did everything they told me to do. I got to wait until some time in Feb. 2015 for my money they are out of there minds I’m getting kicked out of my place about to loose my car because of payments. I don’t know what it is I’m to do now ? Why would they do that I don’t get it

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